About The Artist

Welcome to Chloe Louise Yelland Art!

I am a Oxfordshire-based artist, illustrator and writer, specialising in nature and landscapes.

As a little girl, I displayed a deep curiosity towards art, also enjoying drawing and painting like every child would. However, I never thought I would pursue it as at that age, I saw it as only a hobby.

It was not until I was ten years old when I received my very first professional watercolour painting set as a Christmas present from my grandfather. Since then, I began to see it as not just a hobby, but a fun and a rewarding career. My working materials vary between watercolour and acrylic paints, as well as watercolour pens and pencils.

I am also a working writer and blogger. I started writing when I was fifteen years old. While I was on holiday in Cornwall, the idea of a girl born on another world came into my head. The original version was inspired by a quote from a television show in which one of the main characters spoke about a comet. However, my focus shifted back to my education causing me to experience writer’s block. Therefore, I set the book to one side but kept all my notes in a safe place. Over time, I made changes and did more research, eventually coming across Norse Mythology, expanding the story further.

As a blogger, I intend to write my art experiences both personally and professionally, as well as past essays and other topics in relation to my interests.

My inspiration for my art comes from nature, animals, photography, everyday life, mythology and history. Influences include Georgia O’Keeffe, Claude Monet, Walter Crane, Johanna Basford, Emily Louise Heard and Rebecca Montemurro. Influences for my writing are JK Rowling, Sarah J Maas, Michelle Madow and Giovanna Fletcher.