I am now accepting commissions for paintings!

Please note that I only specialise in nature, landscape and floral for commissions.


Here are a few details you will need to know about my commission methods:

How does the process begin?

To get started, I would need a detailed idea of the type of painting you would like. This consists of categories between floral, landscape and abstract. Think about specific personal preferences, like colour and size. Once you have a clear idea of what you would like to have commissioned, simply contact me via email. If best, please attach a photograph.

How do you work out the price?

In terms of cost, what I do is calculate the amount by the time I took to complete the painting, and then add in the cost of materials I use next to the size of paper or canvas.

Would I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, I take 50% deposit upon initial commission and the balance on completion of the work.

How long will the artwork take?

It all depends on my time balance between other projects. Normally, it takes me about five to seven days to produce a painting.and an extra week to edit them on Photoshop. In addition, I email you the finished product to make sure you are happy with it.

What materials do you use?

My working materials vary between watercolour and acrylic paints, as well as watercolour pens and pencils. To start with, I draw out the feature with pencil before painting. Sometimes, I like to be creative and combine my methods together.

For more details, you can contact me via email at or drop me a text message on 07724 608761.